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July 14 2013


Shredding Hard Drives is the Most Secure Way to Destroy Your Data

What do you mean by a hard drive?

Hard drive is also known as a hard disk drive. It is the main storage device of a computer, which stores the data permanently. It was introduced on 13th Sep ’56. It is classified in two broad categories mainly the internal hard drive and the external hard drive. Though the internal hard drives are the most common, but some people also use the external hard drives to keep a backup of their data and also to expand the storage space. With the help of hard drive shredding service one can destroy the data of both the internal and external hard drives.

What is shredding?

A hard drive may sometimes contain some confidential information which one may want to destroy so that there is no chance of the information being passed on or be stolen. In such cases, erasing the data is not considered to be fully safe. The data actually remains there, and the data thieves can easily restore the erased data. In such cases hard drive shredding service destroys the information permanently that too at a reasonable cost. Shredding overwrites the partitions and files repeatedly, which makes it difficult to recover the data. One important thing to be noted is that a shredder should already be installed in the system, if not then you have to install it to initiate the shredding service.

The process of hard drive shredding: Hard drive shredding service is a step by step process which is as follows:

1. Documentation of the serial numbers of the hard drives to be destructed. And also for the purpose of records one should provide a duplicate of the log sheet.

2. The hard drive is then securely transported to the destruction facility.

3. The serial number and the manufacturer of every device is logged in.

4. The hard drive is completely destroyed in a secured location.

5. A certificate as a proof of destruction is handed over to the client. 6. Finally the destroyed items are passed on to a recycler with whom the shredding companies usually have a tie up with.

Why depend on shredding?

The process of shredding is considered as the most reliable way to destroy one’s data, as it assures you irrecoverable destruction of data. Moreover its custody process provides ultimate security. A certificate is also handed over as an assurance of destruction, to its clients.

Go for a secure shredding service:

While choosing a hard drive shredding service one should make sure that the company uses secure and eco-friendly shredding services. The German hard disk shredders are considered to be the most effective for complete and secure destruction of data.

How important is the process of recycling?

After the process of recycling, the debris need to be separated and sent to the approved specialized recyclers. As per the law, IT wastes should not be dumped in the landfill. Else it is considered harmful for the environment.

Keeping the reputation and security of your organization in mind, be it a small firm or a multinational company, one should not take chances with the process of hard drive destruction and therefore give the responsibility to a hard drive shredding service provider whom you can count on.
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